Integrated Sustainable Development by Partner NGOs

Integrated Sustainable Development by Partner NGOs

Devilliersdale Village 2011 

Devilliersdale is a remote village in the Capricorn DM Blouberg Local Municipality in Limpopo. It is located 50 kms from Senwabarwana Town.

The village has 2 primary schools and 1 secondary school but there is no clinic at the village. The village’s water sources are very poor, save for one borehole that services the northern part of the village, the rest of the community get their water from the sources shown in the picture below. The villagers’ complaint is that they share the water sources with pigs, dogs, goats, cattle and monkeys. 

The village uses pit latrines which are sparsely scattered across the village, and not every household has a toilet. A good percentage of the people still use the bush. 

Although the mobile clinic comes to Devilliersdale twice a month, the people still have very poor understanding and knowledge of health and hygiene issues.

The general feeling of the community is that of neglect and lack of support from the municipality in relation to services as reflected above.  Devilliersdale Village is a remote rural village, where children walk up to 10 kms a day to get to school. The Village is surrounded by hills in a dry sandy soil with very little water and dry boreholes.