Tsogang was founded in 1994 by a group of people dedicated to the development of the Rural and Peri Urban poor in South Africa in the 30th most water scarce country in the world. 

In the early days we were funded by a wide range of funders, European, American and local who invested their funds in the development of water schemes in an area called Mafefe, straddling the Oliphants River in Limpopo. The purpose of the project was to deliver water and improve livelihoods by improving unemployment in former mining areas.  

The projects in these areas still function today, even when more modern projects have collapsed. We originally worked in an area called Malamulele developing Sanitation Pilot Projects and this led to Tsogang being a leader in the Sanitation Sector in the 1990’s working with the then National  Sanitation Task Team (NSTT) and Provincial Sanitation Task Teams (PSTT)  developing  policies. Tsogang worked in the entire value chain of sanitation, infrastructure, co-ordination, procurement, quality management, operation and maintenance, capacity building and customer care. 

Since then we have built schools and houses and developed gardens and nutrition programmes, working with the UK, Spanish, and Irish Governments through Irish Aid and the Flemish Government through FICA.

Vision, Mission and Principles

Financials and accountability

Tsogang thank all those who have supported us over the years, the taxpayers in South Africa, Europe, Ireland, Flanders, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, the volunteers from all over the planet, the communities who dug pits, pipelines and ploughed vegetables.

Organisations, NGO’s, civil servants, individuals and families who have helped and are the cornerstone of a giving society.  In giving we receive a million more smiles and drops of water. Tsogang ensures that 75% of all donations find its way to communities to improve lives.

We don’t just build a water or sanitation scheme, we go back time after time to ensure they are working and we mentor the communities and municipalities to run their systems long after the building is completed. Tsogang takes accountability very seriously, we will not promise what we cannot do, but we will improve people’s lives. We are lucky to have such job satisfaction and enjoy our impact on people’s lives.

Our projects have been working for the 19 years we have been established, run by communities themselves who have been trained by us. 

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Tsogang Manuals

  1. Appropriate Technology Manual
  2. Bookkeeping Manual
  3. Health and Hygiene Manual
  4. HIV/AIDS Manual
  5. Local Economic Development
  6. Organisational Skills Manual
  7. Project Management
  8. Water System Management
  9. Operation and Maintenance
  10. Gardening and Agriculture
  11. Gender Manual
  12. Cooperate Governance
  13. Participatory Rural Appraisal Manual
  14. Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation Manual