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Frequently Asked Questions

Tsogang works in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of South Africa, namely
  • Limpopo, 
  • Mpumalanga and 
  • KZN. 
We plan to expand North of our border and into the rest of South Africa.

NGO’s work with the poor and voiceless. We act as agents of change to help people in informal settlements, poor rural villages, dispossessed householders etc. We try to help working with government to help people who have not been rendered. NGO’s try to help the poorest, so we continually try to gather funds to develop communities.

Tsogang works with 
  • Individuals
  • Traditional Authorities 
  • Local Municipalities.
  • Government Departments 
We identify rural individuals and communities who need help. We do not discriminate, we lead the cry for help.

When a community or individual approaches Tsogang, we request a meeting with the group and community to establish the needs of the community. We then carry out a Participatory Rural Appraisal to establish the “actual” needs and once completed we set about fundraising. We are lucky if we can fund 1 in 20 of the requests, resources are always limited.

  • Volunteer
  • Fundraise for us
  • Offer to come work with us
  • Water – Bellevue, Mafefe, Maupa
  • Sanitation- Malamulele, Capricorn, Tubatse, Mopani, Mbombela
  • Integrated Rural Development  – Devilliersdale, Ribugwani
  • Education and Training Tzaneen Municipality. 
  • Limpopo Borehole Operators 
  • 500 Village Committees
  • Water Cycle  Management and Conservation  
  • Mbombela Water Educators
  • Environmental Protection/Conservation – Lake Fundundzi
  • Rural Livelihoods/Economic development /Food Security – KZN gardens (100 gardens/communities)
  • Disaster Mitigation and Management
  • Disaster relief  
  • Housing project – 250 houses built by communities
  • Sekhukhune Rural Remote Water Supply.
  • KZN Food Security Project.
  • SDM, MDM & VDM Multiple-use Water Services.
  • Vhembe School WASH Project.
  • VDM Covid-19 Interventions in community sites.
  • VDM Covid-19 Interventions in six Schools.
  • Mopani District Municipality, Gantata, Climate Change Adaptation.

Clean water for a sustainable society

Today 1 in 3 people don’t have safe drinking water. Tomorrow will bring new challenges ─ the United Nations (UN) expects a 40% shortfall in freshwater by 2030. How can we expand access to water while protecting this limited resource?